PalGate Access Control Review

Product Review – Palgate Access Control

Palgate Access Control System is an innovative solution that can provide you with complete control over gates, doors, and anything that is switchable. It’s also considered a revolution in the access control industry because you no longer need to use card, keypad, and remote control to access or manipulate any door or access points in your property.

In fact, you only need to install a free app on your mobile phone, and you can now readily control any gate or door in your premises. With this simple and effective automation system, you can now conduct several security activities from the convenience of your mobile phone.

In addition, Palgate will also work with any type of access point as long as it has a motor and an electric latch since it can be integrated easily using this system. Most importantly, its emphasis on security cannot be overstated, since it’s cloud-based and managed via a secure app, so it can’t be tampered or hacked like server-based systems.

How Palgate can benefit you?

As an end-user, you will significantly benefit from the Palgate Access Control System, because it will enable you to control various types of scenarios like adding and removing employee/guest access to your property, manipulating gate position, scheduling access and clustering users.

You will also appreciate the Palgate web interface and dashboard since you can view all the access points on a map, determine the signal status of some of the Palgate gadgets, check the remote battery, and even know the voltage of some access point. You will also feel more secure because the database used in this system is located in a cloud server, so you can readily get all the info from your users like the name of customer, serial number, device, location, phone number and many more.

A comparison with other similar products on the market

Another similar product on the market is called GoGogate 2 which is another automation system based on an app, and it will also let you open or close the garage door using just your iPhone or iPad. It can also be configured to operate other relay-based access points and devices like electric blinds and sprinkler systems.

However, it doesn’t have the security features of the Palgate system because it doesn’t have a cloud server and it is more applicable for residential users. You cannot monitor the status of your integrated devices that Palgate can easily do through its web interface.

So, Palgate is more robust and can handle the security needs of residential, commercial, and industrial users.

Our recommendation

Overall, when it comes to groundbreaking automation system that you can rely on, we recommend that you choose the Palgate Access Control System, because it has several features that you can’t find anywhere else like a wireless ground loop, GSM control,  long-range RFID, smart remotes and it can even be accessed via Bluetooth.

This only means that you have complete gate control in the palm of your hands. Not to mention that it can be integrated with any of your existing security devices and fixtures as long as they have a switch and motor.