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Smartphone App Access Control – Palgate

mobile phone app access control

Mobile Phone App Access Control Systems

PalGate is known in Australia as an innovative and next-generation gate system that can provide you with complete control of doors, gates and anything that is switchable with the use of only your mobile phone. This state-of-the-art smart automation system is a revolution in access control since you will never use a keypad, card, and remote control again to access or manipulate a door or gate.

With this system, you will only need to install a free app on your smartphone, and you can already manage any access point in your property. In fact, with this simple to use access control system, you can readily operate a single door, gate, multiple gates and doors all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

How secure is a PalGate Access Control System?

A PalGate Smartphone App Access Control System has several security features that you can’t find anywhere else like long-range RFID, GSM control, wireless ground loop, smart remotes and can even be accessed via Bluetooth. Which means this system puts complete gate control in the palm of your hand.

All PalGate devices are also highly secure because it is controlled via an encrypted app or cloud application that is stored in a non-disclosed location for better security. It’s also is easy and simple to use since the app will be installed in your mobile device and this allows users to control the following:

  • Boom gates, electric gates, and garage doors
  • Electric bollards, foyer entrances, and lobby
  • Car parking lots
  • Remote control light switching in several venues
  • Awnings and electric blind
  • Roller doors and warehouse screens

How does PalGate work?

Basically, any type of boom gate, roller door, foyer entrances, garage doors that have an electric latch, and motor can be integrated with the PalGate system. We at Australian Automation Innovation can help you with this intricate process, so you can eliminate those expensive remote controls as well as determine who is gaining access to your property.

If you want to upgrade your current automation system to the new PalGate, you will need to download the application into your mobile device, since it works hand in hand with any PalGate devices.

Once the PalGate devices are installed in any of your access points, you can readily open and close gates, garage doors and barriers via your mobile phone regardless of where you are in the world.

You can also do the following tasks using the PalGate system:

  • Add or remove users using the cloud interface.
  • Control any gate and track the activity per access point.
  • Download the gate history to see who went in and out along with the date and time.
  • Provide optionally encrypted remotes to any new user.

This system also works using a 3G or the latest 4G mobile network, although this requires a sim card. The interface can also be accessed via Bluetooth, but your mobile device must be in range for this to work. Another essential feature of this new automation system is its ability to provide your users with access privileges via the Web-Portal. In fact, you are allowed to support up to 12,000 users and an unlimited number of devices.

access control using your smartphone

Palgate Products and Services:

PalGate SG303GA-WR
PalGate Long Range RFID Access Control

PalGate SG314GI-WR

  • This model features a single relay output and 1 input
  • It’s also remote control capable and powered by 12-24vDC input voltage
  • It is also equipped with a full web portal interface control unit
Learn More

PalGate SG303GA-WR

  • Equipped with 1 relay output and is remote control capable
  • It is also powered by a 12-24vDC input voltage
  • Full web portal interface control
Learn More

PalGate SG303GB-WR

  • This model is equipped with 2 relay outputs
  • Remote control capable with a 12-24vDC input voltage
  • The same full web portal interface control unit
Learn More

PalGate Bluetooth Lite and Pro

  • Equipped with the same single relay output as all other variants in its class
  • It’s also powered by the same 12-24vDC input voltage
  • Integrated with a full web portal interface control
Learn More

PalGate Wireless Vehicle Detector

  • This unit is battery operated with 5 to 7 years battery life
  • It also features a unique ID system for each unit
  • Full control from the convenience of its own web interface
  • It has a working range of 15 meters
  • It can be paired with PAL electronics WR series systems
Learn More

PalGate Poly-4 Remote Control Handsets

  • This remote-control handset has 4 button hand transmitters
  • It has 128bit encryption for better security
  • It is usually paired with Palgate – WR Series Controllers
Learn More

More Information About the Pal Gate Systems

This system will also work with any access point as long as it has an electric latch or a motor; it can be integrated with this system. Another significant feature of this automation system is its security, since it’s cloud-based and managed via a free app, and it can’t be tampered or hijacked like other hardware-based automation systems.

Manufacturers, installers and end-users will significantly benefit from this system, because it enables them to control different types of scenarios like user permission, gate position, access scheduling and clustering of users.

Users will definitely appreciate its web interface or dashboard since they can view all the access points on a map, know the voltage in a particular access point, determine the signal status, or check the remote battery – all via the app on their mobile phone.  The database used in this system is located in a cloud server, so you can easily access it or get the info you need like the name of the customer, serial number, device, location, phone and many more.

Why PalGate is so Unique

The PalGate system is unique because it’s the only automation system that takes advantage of the web interface, which is a groundbreaking innovation in the industry. It’s also considered to be a breakthrough in doors and gates automation because all access points can be controlled via a mobile phone and the user have full control no matter wherever they are in the world.

This unique system can also provide you several neat features like integrated RFID card access, long-range RFID and wireless vehicle detectors. This means you can view all your gates on Google map or on a list.

You can also search through its database, so you can extract important device information like device serial number, remote/tag serial number/label, location, and name of users along with their phone numbers.

This feature is essential for installers, manufacturers and end-users because it provides them the capability to control various types of scenarios like:

  • Determining gate position.
  • Copy, edit or add multiple users and permissions using an Excel spreadsheet and import or export up to 12,000 users.
  • Add and duplicate a new device using the cloud interface.
  • Limit or add access to any customer as well as specify the activity they can perform in each location.
  • Allocate up to 4000 remote users to a specific device or revoke rights given to existing users.
  • Add timer groups and timer events that enable the system to open and close gates at a specified time automatically.
  • Totally hinder access to any gate or access points within your property.
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How we can help you

​We at Australian Automation Innovation can help you upgrade your existing security automation and install the PalGate devices as well as set up all the technical specifications for the system to work seamlessly in your property.

Our team of highly skilled and qualified technicians is experienced in every facet of automation, so we can assure you that they will handle any of your automation projects with ease using industry-standard methods to ensure it is safe and properly installed.

If you want to learn more about our company and the automation products we offer, you can visit our website for more details.