Automation Innovations- Mobile Phone App Access Control Systems

mobile phone app access control

We are living in a fast-paced digital world and technological advancements have enabled various types of high-tech gadgets and equipment. This has in turn successfully substituted manual operations. In fact, mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and it paved the way to a plethora of functions.

It’s also used by many security personnel to monitor specific areas of commercial property and it can even give or deny access to certain locations within a building. With mobile access controls, we can manage, view, and control critical events by simply installing security software on the phone. In fact, this technology is now rapidly emerging as the most ideal alternative to physical access systems.

Mobile access control systems can provide users with the capability to secure building, rooms and other critical areas to any guest or employee with just a couple clicks on their smartphones, tablets or even wearable devices like smartwatches. It’s also a cost-effective solution for managing identification credentials and can be a potent alternative to physical identification cards.

What access control systems are suitable for mobile phone app controls?

There are many access control systems in the market, but the most ideal system for mobile phone app controls are those that are operated by local servers. Personalised cloud access control systems are also suitable.

Although this doesn’t come cheap and would require a significant ongoing investment, it becomes more economical for long-term applications. There are also significant variants of the smartphone access control systems that uses IP and mobile access credentials.   

IP systems are ideal for small companies who have a handful of clients and suppliers, but for big companies who deal with thousands of clients, it is recommended that they use cloud-based IP systems that are designed to enable them to manage large data in the cloud.

For ensuring the safety of the workforces, it is advisable to install a control panel system on an access control unit. This will allow users to manage their credentials and it can even generate reports like when an employee access specific area in a commercial property.

Besides, using a mobile phone app-controlled access system can enable operators to keep track of the entry/exit of the employees. Mobile access credentials are the most secure way for authorised personnel to access a particular location in a company building.

It is also easy to use, and the mobile-enabled employee can readily enter a specific physical location with just a few clicks on his or her smartphone. Not to mention that all accesses are currently managed in the cloud and admins can easily grant and revoke mobile access as they wish.

Why this is beneficial when compared with other access control options

More and more companies are now using mobile phone app access control systems, it is now the right time to take advantage of this technology since these systems have become an indispensable part of security systems in the corporate world.

As opposed to its counterparts like physical documents and printed identity cards, mobile access control systems offer a more convenient and secure experience for both administrators and workers.