Genius Rainbow Boom Gates Review

Genius 724 Boom Gate and Barrier

The Genius Rainbow line of boom gates is an irreversible 24V barrier kit and is a great solution for high traffic areas like commercial parking lots, garage entrances and industrial zones. It also has 2 variants, namely the Genius 524 and Genius 724 Boom Gate, both are designed with a particular focus on versatility and security.

They are also composed of high quality and ergonomically designed parts including a sturdy arm and advanced load-bearing structure, which makes the Genius Rainbow the ideal all-around barrier kit for commercial and industrial use.

In addition, the Genius barrier contains the state-of-the-art electronic power switching, which gives this boom gate the capability to sense motion. So, the barrier can detect any type of obstacle during movement and will automatically stop or hinder the movement of any unauthorised vehicle or personnel.

Comparable Products

The Magic Button 906 is a similar product with almost the same features as the Genius Rainbow. It is also designed for medium to a high volume of traffic, and it also has a unique torque motor that can operate at a 100% duty cycle. It also boasts its motor and sinusoidal linkage system that is supposedly reliable and only needs minimal maintenance.

In fact, its linkage system enables the motor to be locked in both the up and down positions, so in the event of a power failure, it will automatically open to a vertical position.  Although the Magic Button is designed for high volume traffic situations, it is better suited to operating in lower volume applications. So, unlike the Genius barrier system, which is already expected to operate in high traffic situations, the 906 is expected to handle low to medium traffic volume.

How the Genius gates measure up against the competitors

There are several features that make the Genius gates the most ideal option in the market and these will include the following:

  • Control board access

The Genius Rainbow has a convenient housing that allows the installer to perform their cabling operations efficiently. They can seamlessly work in any position since they can easily rotate the box 90 degrees.

  • Safety Switch

It also has a safety switch that prevents any command from the control board when the mechanical access door is opened manually.

  • High resistance beam

The usual length of the beams starts from 3 all up to 7 meters long. With its oval profile, you can be sure that it has high resistance to strong gusts of wind.

  • Lights on the cover and arm

It also has several lights on the cover and arm, which makes it more visible especially during nighttime, to avoid any unexpected accidents.

Comparison between the 524 and 724

There are several differences between the Genius 524 and 724 variants, and these will include the following:

  • The maximum thrust of the 524 is only 280 while the 724 is 480, so the power is relatively doubled.
  • The maximum beam length of the 524 is only 5 meters while the 724 can reach up to 7 meters.
  • Also, the motor rated power of the 524 is 160 while the 724 is 240, which makes it more ideal for industrial applications.
  • Lastly, operator weight for the 524 is rated at 66 kilograms while the 724 can handle up to 72 kilograms.

Pros and Cons of each.

Although the Genius gate 724 has more power than the 524, the opening and closing time is much faster with the 524 since it has a shorter beam. However, the 724 is more applicable for industrial zones, especially when there are lots of trucks going in and out of the area.

So, we recommend the Genius 524 boom gate for commercial properties like malls, hospitals, and schools while the much powerful Genius 724 is more applicable to industrial areas like factories, ports, and economic zones that have high traffic on heavy vehicles like trucks and vans.

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