FAAC 615 and 614 Boom Gates Product Review and Comparison

FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate

The FAAC 615 series boom gate is primarily designed for commercial applications, and it features a hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock. It is ideal for medium transit frequency and control of small to medium commercial parking areas like malls and hospitals. This particular boom gate is also suitable for offices and apartment complexes that deals with medium vehicle traffic on their property. With its heavy-duty construction, it can adequately handle the flow of traffic in any parking area.

It is also made up of an aluminium beam with reflex reflectors and is treated and painted with polyester paint. The beam can reach up to 5 metres and it uses 240 hydraulic drive and an electronic control unit. Also, the operator consists of a hydraulic power pack and double-acting cylinder with anti-crushing hydraulic safety device, which means this boom gate is also designed to be safe and secure.

Another great feature of the 615 series is its anti-vandal valve that prevents any tampering of its control unit, so you are assured that only authorised personnel can operate this boom gate.

When it comes to residential and commercial applications, you may choose the FAAC 614, which is a newly designed barrier, designed to meet a wide range of requirements. Like the 615 series, it is also manufactured using high-quality components and materials making it a robust and reliable operator that can handle small to medium parking space.

Another great feature of the 614 series is its 24V motor with an integrated encoder that provides a high degree of motion control that allows the reverse on obstacle safety standards to be met. You can also integrate numerous accessories to its beam like traffic light kit, beam lights and beam support fork.

Comparable products on the market

A similar product to the FAAC 614 and 615 series is the AG-500 automatic barrier gate which is also designed for light to medium traffic applications. This barrier gate system boasts its control unit which can be set to automatic, time automatic, and manual. Its beam can also reach up to 5 metres like the 614 and 615 series.

However, it only uses a 1-phase electric motor, unlike the FAAC boom gates that use the heavy-duty hydraulic guide. But its most promising feature is its control options which can be set to automatic mode.

How the FAAC boom gates measure up against the competitors

Compared to other boom gates in the market, the FAAC series boom gates are more versatile, robust and designed to withstand the elements. These boom gates also have intuitive programming via buttons and display which cannot be found in other products. Most importantly, its beams are manufactured using top quality materials and are guaranteed for medium-frequency use up to 100% duty cycle. Although a bit more expensive than the other models like the AG-500, its performance and durability cannot be overstated.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best boom gates for your residential or commercial property, then we highly recommend the FAAC 614 and 615 series. They are capable of handling medium traffic conditions in your property to the highest standard.