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Boom gates, also known as automatic rising arm barriers are very popular among businesses in Australia. They have several essential uses that enhance the security within the commercial premises. In fact, it’s one of the simplest yet useful types of automated barriers, consisting of only a long arm that lowers automatically to block oncoming vehicles.

To raise the arm, drivers must enter a code, present a pass, pay a toll, or just wait until the system determines it’s safe for them to proceed. The typical parts of a boom gate will include an electric motor that raises and lowers the arm, a security access system that controls and manipulates the operation of the motor.

Our Range of Boom Gates

FAAC B680 Boom Gate Barrier
Genius 524 Boom Gate Barrier
Genius 724 Boom Gate and Barrier
Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate Barrier
FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate
Genius Sin Series Boom Barrier

FAAC B680H Boom Gate

The FAAC B680H is one of our best products. With great hydraulic technology it is suited to high-frequency use. It consists of 6 programmable outputs, 24b DC power tank, 2 integrated loop detectors and integrated LED traffic lights. This is a great barrier for car parks and tollways.

Genius 524 Barrier

This product is designed to provide reliable and consistent use in high-traffic areas, and it has a beam length of between 2 and 5 metres. This boom barrier is more suitable to garage exits/entrances, parking lots and industrial zones.


Genius 724 Boom Gate

Genius 524 is similar to 724, but the only difference is its beam which has a maximum of 7 metres and can also be used in parking lots, industrial zones and garage entrances.


Tousek Boom Gate

Tousek is a gate barrier that runs in an oil bath and designed for heavy-duty applications. This product can be used in toll ways, construction sites and commercial property entries.

Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate

This is another barrier that is designed for high-intensity applications. It contains a 24v DC low-voltage electromechanical drive system with articulated beams and folding skirts. It is ideal for apartment buildings and office car park entries.


FAAC 614 Series Boom Gate

The FAAC 614 is a heavy-duty boom barrier with round or rectangular beams. It has a 24vDC electromechanical system that allows for continuous operation. It also has an integrated decoder that offers maximum anti-crushing safety. This product is designed for both commercial and residential properties

FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate

This product is designed with a standard hydraulic boom barrier, and it’s good to medium and light traffic applications. It has a beam that stretches up to a maximum of 5 metres, and it’s perfect for residential garages and commercial car parks.


Genius Spin Series Boom

This boom barrier is ideal for medium traffic applications. It boasts 70 percent duty cycle with optimal articulated beams and accessories LED kits.

Applications of Boom Barriers

Boom gates have many applications, and they are often found at a commercial parking facility where drivers are required to pay a fee to park their vehicles. Usually, drivers must present a receipt as proof of payment to activate the system and get the barrier to rise.

Other applications of boom gates include toll booths or checkpoints, where drivers must pay the toll before they are allowed to pass. Barriers are also seen at the entrances of restricted areas, and drivers must show their ID and tap an access fob or swipe an access card before they are allowed entry.

Finally, boom gates are great for traffic calming, since they can effectively prevent vehicles from accessing certain areas and streets, while only allowing certain vehicles like ambulances and school buses to pass through. This only means that emergency vehicles can use a more direct or shorter route to reach people in need, while other vehicles are redirected to different roads to ease up traffic in certain areas.

Benefits of having boom gates

There are several benefits of having a boom gate at your premises, but the following are some of the most significant benefits you can expect:

  • Enhancing security in your parking premises

Boom gates can easily deny and approve access into your property; the security of your compound and other essential areas is enhanced reducing the risk of intruders with bad intentions. That is why it is installed in hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, commercial and industrial sites as well as apartment complexes.

  • Effective control of traffic

Boom barriers are convenient tools to control the flow of traffic on and off a commercial property, and this becomes more important when your business attracts many visitors with vehicles, but you only have a limited parking area. With boom gates, you can control the number of vehicles allowed at your premises at a given time to prevent any overflow at your parking area.

  • Efficient use of space

Unlike other security systems, boom gates are more economical and space-saving because it only takes up a small amount of vertical and horizontal space to swing and provide the required barrier.

  • Cost savings

One of the most significant benefits you can get is cost savings since you will only incur a one-off investment to install a boom barrier or gate in your property. After the initial cost, you will enjoy huge savings since you no longer need a security guard to man your gate, and with very low maintenance costs, you will spend less in the long run.

Car Park Boom Gates

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