PalGate Access Control Review

Product Review – Palgate Access Control Palgate Access Control System is an innovative solution that can provide you with complete control over gates, doors, and anything that is switchable. It’s also considered a revolution in the access control industry because you no longer need to use card, keypad, and remote control to access or manipulate […]

Automation Innovations- Mobile Phone App Access Control Systems

mobile phone app access control

We are living in a fast-paced digital world and technological advancements have enabled various types of high-tech gadgets and equipment. This has in turn successfully substituted manual operations. In fact, mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives and it paved the way to a plethora of functions. It’s also used by many […]

FAAC 615 and 614 Boom Gates Product Review and Comparison

FAAC 615 Series Boom Gate

The FAAC 615 series boom gate is primarily designed for commercial applications, and it features a hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock. It is ideal for medium transit frequency and control of small to medium commercial parking areas like malls and hospitals. This particular boom gate is also suitable for offices and apartment complexes […]

Product Review and Comparison- Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate

Stagnoli Daphne Boom Gate Barrier

The Stagnoli Daphne boom gate is a high-end automatic barrier used in various commercial properties, especially in high traffic intensity applications like factory and office car park entries. It also features a heavy-duty beam that could reach up to 4 metres and is designed for high-frequency use, which means it is 100% duty cycle. Another […]

5 Benefits of Automatic Swing Doors

automatic swing doors

Automatic swing doors are considered an advanced version of the conventional door we have in our homes and we often see it in various establishments. It is powered by a motor and automatically opens and closes, so no need for manual operation. It is also sturdy, quiet, and is ideal for heavy-duty applications. In fact, […]