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Australian Automation Innovation Pty Ltd

At Australian Automation Innovation we aim to supply Australian customers with reliable and affordable automation solutions. Over the years we have built up a reputation for dependability and professionalism in the automation industry by providing solid and genuine value to our customers.

About Our People, Products and Services

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Our director and founder has more than thirty years worth of experience in the industry, including extensive experience with a wide variety of door and gate systems as well as the systems used to automate them. As an expert in the industry, our director has helped make Australian Automation Innovation Pty Ltd a prominent automation systems company.

In addition to standard door and gate systems we have also branched out into other product types, such as access control systems, boom gates, and specialized vehicle detection systems and electronics. These now make up most of our sales.

Our in-house technical team is highly trained, experienced, and professional. This allows us to assure customers of the highest quality workmanship for all our installation work, maintenance, and repairs done on automation systems. We cater to a wide variety of customers including residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

All our hardware is sourced from high-quality professional suppliers who we have built solid business relationships with over the years. Our suppliers provide us with the best and most reliable products available today and utilize a comprehensive backup service that ensures their products are consistently available. This means that our customers are not left waiting for hardware needed for installation or repair work.

We also maintain solid business relationships with a wide range of third-party technicians who assist us with our projects. This includes data and access control technicians, electricians, excavation works providers, underground service detection experts, horizontal under-road boring service providers, concrete layers, concrete cutting and hole boring service providers, and also freight, transport, and crane truck providers.

Our company is able to supply automation and related products either by themselves or with full installation and servicing. We can arrange the full installation of systems for our clients and can undertake the entire project with the client only needing to let us know what they want. This frees you up to focus on your business as our company takes care of all the details required to bring the project to completion.

Whatever your needs in the automation field, we are able to handle any scale of project both big and small. We can provide and install boom gates, barriers, and various types of automated gate and door systems or anything else you need in this field. Our company can take your basic vision of the system you need and work with you to make it a reality.

If you need less permanent solutions for traffic control then we can also rent you all the solutions you may need. These could include boom barriers and various other systems for control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. We have short, medium, and long term hire options and can provide all the installation, testing, and maintenance required for the hardware. To learn more about our company, continue reading.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of automation solutions in order to allow our clients to make fast and effective use of emerging automation technologies.

Our Company Vision

We see ourselves becoming the first choice in automation system solutions for our current clients and future potential customers. We hope that our approach to providing a professional service that utilizes quality up-to-the-minute products in the automation field is something that will allow us to be the preferred option for people seeking solutions in our industry.

Our Company’s Core Values

Our company implements a set of core values that we use as a guideline for our operations. These values are:


We are always attempting to improve and innovate on the ways we can provide solutions to our customers. This involves doing ongoing research and development on new automation systems and the deployment of those systems.


We aim to maintain professional standards in safety and integrity with all our work and supplied automation systems and other products. We also aim to ensure that all our communications with clients are open and honest throughout the whole project cycle.


Our reputation as an honest and professional company is extremely important to us and we actively work to ensure that this reputation is well deserved. We will continue to do so in the future so that our customers can continue to trust and rely on us in confidence.


Our policy is that all of our customers should get the highest value for their money that we can sustainably provide, with no corners cut. We aim to provide the best quality hardware and the highest quality of workmanship in order to supply our customers with products and services that they can depend on.